From: Craig Talley, SME Chapter 15 2009 Chairperson

As the 2009 Chair of the SME Philadelphia Chapter 15 I would like to sincerely thank everyone and all of the past chairpersons for your hard work, support and dedication.

I believe that the success of Chapter 15 will come from both the Executive Committee and the Members participation and willingness to get involved with the Chapter.

Our Goal is to have interesting Plant Tours and Technical Meetings regarding Manufacturing in the Philadelphia Area.  We would like member participation and involvement to allow membership networking to encourage and support all types of manufacturing endeavors in the Philadelphia Chapter 15’s area.  Again, any and all suggestions will be considered.  We need more membership involvement to maximize our ability to accomplish our goals.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers offers many opportunities for all of it members by offering a very educational web site.  The web site has an excellent search engine for any and all manufacturing topics.  The Professional Development Section lists: Training, Online Courses, Certification, Jobs Connection and Library of Resources.  The Technical Info & Publications lists: Mfging Engineering Magazine, Technical Papers, Journal & Research Publications, e-Newsletters, Technical Quarterlies and “Ask the Librarian”.  The Communities Section lists all of the Technical Communities, Forums and different Manufacturing Processes.  Take the time to surf the SME Web Site, as it is extremely well managed and full of information.

We are very fortunate to host the SME National Convention in Philadelphia on June 6th – 9th.

More information regarding that can be found under Events at the SME Web Site:

And as Karla McJunkin closed her 2008 Chairperson Mission Statement so eloquently with:

In conclusion, I challenge all of the members of Chapter 15 to take advantage of the SME benefits that are available for professional growth and leadership and then we will all understand why SME adopted the motto “Where Manufacturing Comes Together!”