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This page is a project of SME Green Mountain Chapter 204 in Northern Vermont. Our mission is to provide the worlds largest collection of information relating to Training Within Industry. We are actively using these programs with great success at several of our member companies. We hope this site encourages other organizations to try TWI and realize the same benefits.

There is a lot to learn about TWI and how it helped with WWII, and later went on to become a foundation of the Toyota Production System. TWI is getting a lot of interest recently as a tool that can help companies sustain Lean Manufacturing efforts, in the same way it did for Toyota in the 1950's. Our chapter is helping this "rediscovery" any way we can, and we hope you find this material helpful. Read and Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently out of disk space, so some of the links on our pages do not work. We are working to secure the space we need so we can upload all remaining materials. Stay tuned!

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