Scanned Books by Charles R. Allen

Charles R. Allen is widely credited for creating the teaching methodology from which Job Instruction was derived. His methods were developed and tested during WWI, but were not put into wide use until TWI in WWII. The Instructor, The Man, and The Job is mentioned several times in the TWI Report. The Forman and His Job is another book that covers instruction and some helpful methods of breaking down a foremans job (and contains the image above). It was published as a companion text.

These books have been scanned from the originals. Both texts were published before 1922, so they are considered to be public domain according to US copyright laws. We also verified this with the remains of Lippencott, the original publisher.

Sorry...we seem to be out of disk space! We will get these uploaded as soon as we can secure a few megs...

  • The Instructor, The Man, and The Job (Full Text) --- 11.7MB
  • The Foreman and His Job (Full Text) --- ??.?MB

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