Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer for 2004


Dr. Soh Khim ONG, has been named by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) as the 2004 M. Eugene Merchant Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer. The award will be presented to her in the USA in June 2004. This award recognizes individuals 35 years of age or younger who demonstrate outstanding leadership and achievements in the field of manufacturing engineering. She is the first female to have received this award in Singapore, if not the first in ASEAN.


One of the thirteen worldwide recipients for the 2004 award, Dr. SK Ong, an assistant professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, National University of Singapore, has made significant contributions to manufacturing research and education in the area of life-cycle engineering (LCE), and virtual and augmented reality applications in concurrent and distributed manufacturing. She received her doctorate in mechanical engineering from the National University of Singapore in 1996, where she worked with Professor Andrew YC Nee, who incidentally was the first recipient of this award in Singapore in 1982.

Dr. SK Ong’s recent work includes LCE research performed in the life cycle costing and environmental impacts assessments of manufacturing products and processes. Thus far, the results have great potential applications in integrating environmental factors into the product life cycles and achieving eco-efficiency of products and processes. These have important impact on, and would contribute towards, the R&D development of green products and processes in the Singapore industries as increasing legislative pressure from the government and the consciousness of the customers have forced the industries to bear the responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products' total life cycle, as a major strategy towards sustainable development. Dr. SK Ong’s research also includes as virtual and augmented reality applications in manufacturing, digital manufacturing, and distributed collaborative design.


Dr. SK Ong has over 70 publications, which include 2 high-level edited research monographs by Springer Verlag, 45 refereed international journal papers, 5 book chapters as well as 22 conference papers. Her co-authored paper received the prestigious Norman A. Dudley Award 2003, for the publication on “Hybrid Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing Approach for the Optimization of Process Plans for Prismatic Parts”, International Journal of Production Research (IJPR), Vol. 40, No. 8, pp.1899-1922. The Norman A. Dudley Award is presented on a yearly basis by the IJPR to the paper judged to have the most potential for making the greatest contribution to the advance of manufacturing practice. It is selected from over 200 published papers from authors worldwide in that year.

The Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award was created in 1979. The Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award is of the same quality as existing SME honor awards. The awards are presented at major meetings of SME. The Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award is named in honor of an SME member who is considered a role model for young engineers, and this year's (2004) choice is Dr. M. Eugene Merchant.


This is how the medal looks like: