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Model-Based GDT Webinar (3-D Imaging TG 5-16-12) Title: Model-Based GD&T Throughout the Product Life Cycle 
Presenter: David Olsen, Director of Sales & Marketing, Verisurf Software Inc.
Synopsis: This webinar covers model-based definition (MBD) and model associative GD&T, which have been implemented by many aerospace, automotive, medical and enlightened manufacturing companies because they deliver on the promise of better quality products in less time and at a lower cost. MBD — as the sole design authority — removes ambiguity, doubt and contradiction, while portable metrology and CAD file standards promise leaner inspection processes with increased 3-D model interoperability.
3-DImaging (Dec. 2011 Webinar) Title: Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement Improves Precision Component Design and Production
Presenter: Erik Novak, Director of Technology Development, Bruker Nano Surfaces Division
Synopsis: This webinar outlines the generation and correlation of 2-D and 3-D results, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with migration to 3-D measurements. A variety of examples will be presented illustrating the use of 3-D metrology for both design and high-volume process control.
3D Hardware Title: 3D Metrology Hardware Review 
Presenter: Angelo Beraldin, Senior Researcher, National Research Council of Canada, and Louis-Jérôme Doyon, Sales Manager, Americas, InnovMetric Software
Synopsis: This presentation is a summary of the main metrology hardware devices from an unbiased point of view. Starting with a quick overview of the well-known tactile technologies, the webinar then concentrates on the basics of the more recent noncontact technologies. The pros and cons of each noncontact technology are presented. Finally, the presentation will look at differentiators that should be evaluated before acquiring a device, and highlights will include the importance of benchmarking the different products.
CT Scanning Title: Industrial Computed Tomography – CT Scanning 
Presenter: Stephanie Masse, Senior Program Manager, Jesse Garant & Associates
Synopsis: This presentation will provide a basic understanding of industrial CT scanning: what it is, some advantages and how CT scanning can be utilized to improve quality, save time and money. An overview will include the types of scanners and inspection/analysis techniques available.
3D Metrology Title: 3D Imaging Metrology: Working Towards a Universally Accepted Standard
Presenter: J-Angelo Beraldin, National Research Council of Canada
Synopsis: Three-dimensional imaging systems are now widely available, but standards, best practices and comparative data are limited. To take full advantage of 3-D imaging systems, one must understand not only their advantages, but also their limitations. This process has to rely on a systematic method to assess the overall performance of a system, and metrology provides such a framework. PDFAudio 
3D Doctor Title: 3D-DOCTOR for Medical Modeling
Presenter: Ted Wu, PhD, Able Software Corp.
Synopsis: This webinar provides information on 3D-DOCTOR software and its applications for medical modeling and 3-D image processing, such as re-slicing, registration and image fusion. PDF • Audio