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Knowledge-Based Design Integrated Virtual Manufacturing Software...

Author(s)/Editor(s): G Ravi Kumar, K G Shastry, V T Johnson, V D Holla

Pages in Print Edition: 13PP

Published: 03/22/2004
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Elastic tailoring of laminated composites, the need for expert skills, the use of diverse standards and procedures, and rigorousness and labor intensiveness all mark the core characteristics of detailed design and manufacturing phases of composites. The time to market and time to volume of composite products with superior reliability depend greatly on the innovative, cost-effective processes and practices coupled with automated smart tools for producing a design for manufacturing using concurrent engineering concepts. Authors: K. G. Shastry, V. T. Johnson, G. V. V. Ravi Kumar, V. D. Holla, Infosys Technologies Ltd., Bangalore, India.