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Flexible Robotics (4-2-15) Title: The Deployment of Safe, Flexible Robots in Dynamic Production Environments  
Presenter: David Askey, Chief Business Development Officer, Energid Technologies
Synopsis: Though robots have been in existence for decades, many tasks have yet to be automated using the technology. Software is often the limiting factor. Advanced robotics systems require software that can react to changes in the environment, as well as changes to objectives. This capability is just now emerging. In this session, Energid's David Askey discusses a software platform that facilitates this new generation of robotics.
New Robot Technologies (3-5-15) Title: New Robot Technologies   
Presenter: Dave Smith, Product and Process Solutions LLC
Synopsis: Learn about the latest advances in robotic technology presented recently at RoboBusiness, an international robotic event where new products and emerging technologies were introduced. We will present an overview of selected presentations that address the future of robotic technology. A photo tour of the show floor will highlight fresh-from-the-lab technology, new robotic products and software, and unique end-of-arm effectors. DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDES  
Intro to RFID Webinar 9-17-14 Title: RFID in Manufacturing
Presenter: Wolfgang Kratzenberg, Marketing Manager for Industrial Identification, Balluff Inc.
Synopsis: While RFID is not a new technology, it has recently become the buzz around the globe. From asset tracking to work-in-process, RFID provides instant visibility to organizations, which require actionable data to make critical business decisions. Attendees are introduced to the basic physics of RFID and its variations, some best practices and an overview of applications that are replicated with success and ones that tend to present challenges. DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDES 
PLC Programming (7-24-14) Title: PLC Programming Introduction
Presenter: Dave Smith, President, Product and Process Solutions LLC, and Ray Rubocki, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Eaton Cooper Power Systems
Synopsis: This webinar demonstrates the basic concepts for creating the logic for a simulated machine. Its intended audience is people who know the purpose of a PLC and need a better understanding of its capabilities. Attendees will observe a live demonstration of PLC program editing for a simulated machine, including input and output wiring, safety wiring, program file archiving, logic creation and program archive restoring. DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDES 
Automation Acquisition (6-25-14) Title: Automation Acquisition Secrets
Presenter: Dave Smith, President, Product and Process Solutions LLC, and Ray Rubocki, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Eaton Cooper Power Systems
Synopsis: During this webinar, the latest secrets in automation acquisition will be shared. Topics covered that may help you with needs and concerns in automation include: requirements and function specifications; structured design to define the components; control system architecture drawing makes concepts visible; process and equipment; failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA); and safety risk assessments. DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION SLIDES 
Manufacturing Optimization (AMA Webinar 11-16-12) Title: Manufacturing Optimization and Validation: Affordable 3-D Simulation to Improve Manufacturing Process Designs
Presenter: Scott Walter, PhD, Senior Technical Advisor, Visual Components
Synopsis: Technology exists today to discover, and in some cases, rediscover revenue that is lost in most manufacturing processes, regardless of industry or product. This technology is less radical than implementing a business system to support the strategic plans and business goals of any company that looks to the future for continued success. Three-dimensional simulation solutions have been traditionally available at the OEM level where these “early adopters” could afford the high cost of hardware and software. These computer-driven methodologies are now affordable and easy to use for not only those OEMs but the SMM (small/medium manufacturers), including the “Mom & Pop” shops as well. This webinar will demonstrate how 3-D simulation can be applied to the spectrum of manufacturing and applications.
Integration Title: Integration Technology to Solve Business Problems in Manufacturing 
Presenter: John M. Cachat, President, Silico Corp.
Synopsis: The software implemented to support manufacturing organizations has become very complicated and confusing. Millions of dollars are spent on these technologies, yet executives, managers and engineers find themselves overwhelmed by having to create and maintain spreadsheets to get the information they want, the way they want it. Non-value-added labor is consumed every day by entering, re-entering and checking between ERP, PLM, MES and QMS software tools. The previous software development paradigm, based on creating databases and elaborate software menus and screens, is obsolete. Software vendors must start with people and understand the business processes and cultural impacts, and address them up front as part of the improvement strategy. This webinar will cover the manufacturing software map, a case study based on the engineering change process and a discussion on the integration with your other software applications.