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Clear Polymers Title: New Laser Technology for Welding Clear Polymers - Part 2 New Materials and Applications 
Presenter: Tony Hoult, PhD, Materials Engineer, IPG Photonics
Synopsis: This webinar looks at current and future polymer welding applications. Information on the types of materials that are appropriate for this technique will be presented; particular emphasis will be given to a relatively new rigid amorphous co-polyester polymer. This material has been very widely accepted by industry as a substitute for polycarbonate and has also proved itself to be highly weldable using this new technique. Applications for this and other rigid and flexible materials in the medical device and other industries will be considered.
Laser Automation (ILC Webinar 12-12) Title: Laser Automation: Automated Lasers Not Just Lasers With Material Handling 
Presenter: Elizabeth Kautzmann,Project Manager, FANUC America, and Rick Neff, Manager of Market Development, Cincinnati Inc.
Synopsis: Laser automation ― not just material handling. The meaningful definition of automation from Webster's Dictionary is: "Automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor." The point of automation is to reduce labor. Companies that perform metal fabrication and any manufacturers that process metal should review this webinar.
Laser Micro Welding ILC Webinar (11-29-12) Title: Laser Micro Welding: Capabilities, Applications and Technology
Presenter: Geoff Shannon, PhD, Laser Technology Manager, Miyachi Unitek Corp.
Synopsis: Laser microwelding offers many benefits including a noncontact process, a highly controllable heat source, tailored weld-nugget geometry, unique applications, high-speed and high-quality welds. It is a well-established technology in many demanding markets such as medical, automotive and high-volume manufacturing. In this webinar, the basics of laser microwelding will be covered, including material selection, joint geometry, part fit-up and tooling.
Infrared_Laser (ILC Webinar 9-12) Title: Advances with 2 Micron Infrared Laser Technology 
Tony Hoult, PhD, Materials Engineer, IPG Photonics
Synopsis: In parallel with the dramatic increase in average power available from infrared fiber lasers, higher- power fiber lasers have now been developed that employ different rare-earth dopants to produce longer mid-infrared wavelengths. This webinar will bring attendees up to date with these developments and discuss the major current application, which is the laser welding of clear polymers.
Laser Beam (ILC Webinar 8-23-12) Title: Improving the Performance of Industrial Lasers 
Presenter: John McCauley, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, The Ophir Photonics Group
Synopsis: This webinar covers the latest power and energy measurement and beam profiling tools, and how these technologies should be applied to industrial lasers. It will also review: (1) Current power and energy measurement technologies; (2) Current laser beam profiling technologies; (3) How these technologies are applied to industrial lasers; and (4) When these technologies should be applied to industrial lasers.
Micromachining Title: Industrial Laser Webinars
Presenter: Ronald Schaeffer, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, PhotoMachining Inc.
Synopsis: This webinar is a comprehensive look at laser technology as applied to precision micromachining. A brief background discussion on laser history, technology and definition of important terms are presented. Available laser sources are compared and contrasted including CO2, excimer, Nd:YAG, fiber and short pulse lasers. IR and UV material/photon interaction, basic optical components and system integration are also crucial to getting good processing results and these are all examined in detail. Real applications from the medical, microelectronics, aerospace and other fields are also presented.
Remote Scanning Title: Remote Scanning – Applications & Technologies 
Presenter: Redmond P. Aylward, President, and Mustafa Coskun, Product Manager, Cambridge Technology Inc.
During this webinar, the following will be discussed: galvo scanning, three-axis scanning, z-axis focusing and methods, and material processing applications of remote scanning.
Laser-Welding Title: Laser Plastic Welding 
Presenter: Josh Brown, Marketing Development Representative, LPKF Laser & Electronics, Plastics Welding Division, and Sean Flowers, Applications Engineer, Edison Welding Institute
Synopsis: Laser plastic welding has been around for decades, but with an ever increasing demand for smaller, more intricate and sensitive devices, laser plastic welding is growing to become a major player in plastics joining methods. Find out what laser plastic welding has to offer and why it is a driving force behind innovative devices in the medical and automotive industries.
Hardening Title: Laser Heat Treating - Hardening of Metals 
Presenter: David Krattley, Vice President of Sales, Laser Equipment Division, Preco Inc.
Synopsis: During this webinar, attendees learn about laser heat treating (hardening) and how it compares to competing non-laser processes, which materials are well suited for laser heat treatment (hardening), and special optics and techniques for implementing this technology. An overview of the equipment required for laser heat treating (hardening) is also provided.
Industrial Laser Cutting Title: Industrial Laser Cutting 101 
Presenter: Rick Neff, Manager of Market Development, Cincinnati Inc.
Synopsis: In this webinar, find out what's new in laser cutting and review a comparison of fiber-delivered lasers versus CO2. Questions covered in this webinar are: How does a fiber laser operate compared to a CO2? What is a fiber laser best suited to cut? What is a CO2 laser best suited to cut? What are the operating costs of a fiber laser? What kind of system gets the most out of a fiber delivered resonator?
Laser Cladding Title: Laser Metal Deposition 101 
Presenter: Wayne Penn, President, Alabama Laser Systems
Synopsis: Laser cladding offers a robust metallurgical bond between the deposit and base material for industrial coating applications. With different cladding deposition materials, the process can be tailored to cover a range of performances from increased hardness to corrosion resistance. This webcast covers an introduction to cladding techniques, and the following will be discussed: methods, contrasts and equipment.
Medical Laser Title: Laser Processing in the Medical Industry 101 
Presenter: Geoff Shannon, PhD, Market and Application Development Manager, Miyachi Unitek Corp.
Synopsis: Laser processing has been widely adopted within the medical industry, and utilizing laser technology offers unique capabilities to meet manufacturing challenges. This webinar provides an overview of laser processing for the medical industry, and it will cover the key benefits of the following, including many application examples: microwelding, marking and fine cutting.
Lasermarking Title: Industrial Laser Marking 101 
Presenter: Dale Sabo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, SCANLAB America
Synopsis: The laser is an extremely versatile manufacturing tool with many beneficial processing features. This webinar covers topics such as laser marking is a permanent mark; products we touch every day are laser marked; laser marking consists of letters, bar codes and graphics; and many different materials can be marked with the different lasers from UV to the far IR.