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Data-Statistics 10-7-15 Topic: Decision Making Using Data & Statistics
Presenter: Steve Hunt, Regional Sales Manager and Six Sigma Product Manager, Palisade Corp.
Synopsis: In this webinar, you'll be exposed to several concepts and how they influence a good decision: psychological inertia and bias, data types, prioritization methods, uncertainty, inventive thinking and risk. Software methods such as optimization, hypothesis testing, genetic algorithms and the Monte Carlo method will also be explored to show the wide range of possibilities to use data, statistics and software to reach a decision. Several open-source software resources and engineering tools will be provided, including an optional 30-day trial to Palisade Decision Tools Suite version 6.3. VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES
Isotropic Webinar 8-19-15 Topic: Isotropic Finishing for Surface Integrity and Part Performance
Presenter: Jack Clark, Senior manager and Lecturer, Surface Analytics and Colorado State University; Dave Davidson, Community Advisor, SME's Machining & Material Removal Community
Synopsis: Deburring and surface conditioning of complex machined and turned parts is one of the most troublesome problems faced by the metalworking industry. In many cases, parts with complex geometric forms, which are manufactured with very sophisticated computer controlled equipment, are deburred, edge finished and surface conditioned with manual or handheld power tools. This labor-intensive manual handling process often has a considerable negative impact on manufacturing process flow, productivity and uniformity of features on the final product. Key ideas, benefits and learning objectives of this webinar are: high-energy surface finishing can drastically reduce deburring costs; it provides extended tooling and part life; improvements in wear resistance and fatigue failure; and part quality greatly enhanced by part-to-part and lot-to-lot uniformity. VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES
Evolution of Machining 3-25-15 Topic: Evolution of High Speed Machining
Presenter: Will Slota, Educational Applications Engineer, CNC Software Inc.
Synopsis: In this webinar, hear how many manufacturers obtain impressive productivity improvements by employing Dynamic Motion strategies in combination with today’s advanced cutting tools. Mastercam's Dynamic Motion tool paths can use a cutting tool's full flute length to produce the smoothest, most-efficient tool motion. The technique applies to a wide variety of machining methodologies and strategies.