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Plastics & Injection Molding Webinars

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Plastic Part Design Webinar 11-29-16 Title: Effective Use of Physical Prototypes to Validate Your Plastic Part Design
Presenter: Erik Foltz, Senior Managing Engineer, The Madison Group
Synopsis: This webinar shows how decisions regarding the manufacturing of the physical prototypes can affect the end performance of the plastic part. Factors such as gating, material selection and mold construction will affect the end performance.
CFA Plastics Webinar 11-12-14 Title: Methods for Compositional & Failure Analysis of Plastics
Presenter: Jeffrey A. Jansen, Senior Managing Engineer, Partner, The Madison Group
Synopsis: By understanding the methods for analyzing plastics, participants can more efficiently and effectively understand how the analysis of polymeric materials, whether directly or through testing laboratories, can provide important information. This webinar will cover the applications of plastics analysis and explain the strengths and weaknesses of the various techniques.
Injection Molding Integration 9-10-14 Title: Integration of Injection Molding Simulation: Optimizing & Troubleshooting Plastic Parts
Presenter: Eric Foltz, Certified Professional Moldflow® Consultant The Madison Group
Synopsis: Through real-world examples, this presentation will highlight how injection molding simulation can help designers, molders and toolmakers make decisions regarding how to manufacture the part and help ensure the part will perform as expected.
Stress Cracking (6-19-14) Title: Environmental Stress Cracking: The Plastic Killer!
Presenter: Jeffrey Jansen, Senior Managing Engineer, Partner, The Madison Group
Synopsis: If you deal with plastic components, then this webinar will provide you with information that will enhance your understanding of the interaction between chemicals and plastic resins, and help prevent premature failure.
PCC Trends (11-01-13) Title: Plastics, Composites & Coatings Industry Trends and Developments 
Presenters: Louis Dorworth, Manager, Abaris Direct Services, Abaris Training
Synopsis: Providing manufacturing knowledge to support a healthy manufacturing base is at the forefront of SME. Knowledge sharing and collaboration of resources will strengthen manufacturing today and drive change for a technologically advanced manufacturing workforce in the next 20 years. In this session, attendees hear from Louis Dorworth, Abaris Training, on the latest industry and technology trends and changes within the manufacturing community as they relate to Plastics, Composites & Coatings.
Additive Mfg - Injection Molding - Stamping Title: Additive Manufacturing - Injection Molding and Steel Stamping 
Presenter: Jason Reznar, Senior Product Develpment Engineer, Rayce Americas Inc.
Synopsis: There has been little to no discussion in the industry about using low-cost machines to manufacture production quality parts. In this two-part webinar, injection molding with a low-cost additive manufacturing machine, as well as utilizing additive manufacturing to create steel stamping tools, will be discussed. For injection molding, Rayce Americas sought to determine the capabilities and limitations of this low-cost machine. For steel stamping, again Rayce Americas wanted to determine the capabilities and limitation of creating tools from a low-cost machine as well as a high-end machine.
Plastic Failure Analysis Title: Part 2: Introduction to Plastic Component Failure Analysis 
Presenter: Jeffrey A. Jansen, Senior Managing Engineer and Partner, The Madison Group
Synopsis: In this webinar, the most efficient and effective approach to determining plastic component failure will be discussed. The information presented in this session will assist engineers, scientists, technicians and managers who design, fabricate and manufacture plastic components; enable attendees to more quickly respond to and resolve plastic component failure; provide knowledge that will allow attendees to work more effectively and efficiently with internal or external testing laboratories in the analysis of plastic part failures; and allow participants to gain a better understanding on why plastic components fail, and how to avoid future failures by applying the knowledge learned.
Plastic Failure Analysis (2/05/13) Title: Part 1: Introduction to Plastic Failure Analysis 
Presenter: Jeffrey Jansen, Senior Managing Engineer, The Madison Group
Synopsis: The information presented in this session will help a wide range of engineers, scientists, technicians and managers who design, fabricate and manufacture plastic components. After attending, participants should be able to more quickly respond to and resolve plastic component failure.
Dry Film Technology Title: Performance Optimization Through Dry Film Lubricant Technology
Presenter: Russell Burt, Technical Director, Sandstrom Coating Technologies
Synopsis: Hear how various manufacturing industries have benefited from the use of dry-film lubricant technology. This technology has earned some of its greatest recognition in the aerospace community for its ability to function where other lubricants and coatings can’t. With higher load carry capabilities, operating temperatures and a cleaner, more durable film than conventional lubricants, dry-film technology is an excellent alternative to greases and oils. In harsh operating environments, these lubricants provide outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance.
RIM (9-25-12 PCC Webinar) Title: Reaction Injection Molding: Making Large Detailed Parts with Affordable Tooling 
Presenter: Richard Hill, Tool Designer, Design Octaves
Synopsis: This webinar provides a background of RIM (reaction injection molding process). Information includes an overview of RIM, when to specify RIM, project examples and a Q&A session. Examples are screen shots of how CAD was used to create RIM parts as well as photos of actual parts.
Micro 1 Title: Micro Molding: Differences Beyond Size to Traditional Molding
Presenter: Carol M.F. Barry, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Synopsis: Micromolding involves more than making things smaller. This webinar will provide an overview of existing micromolding technologies including injection molding, insert molding and two-shot molding. With application for both microparts, and micro and nano features, discussion will focus on process parameters and materials, including effects of wall thickness, improving filling, shot size, processing temperatures and other processing conditions.
Hot Runner Title: Scientific Molding High Cavity Hot Runner Systems 
Presenter: Terry Schwenk, Process & Design Technologies LLC
Synopsis: In recent years, higher and higher cavity tools have been constructed, and more demand for better-quality parts produced from these tools has a high emphasis on mold balancing. Because the majority of these tools incorporate hot runners, the perception has focused on the hot runner as the direct cause for the in-balanced fill of cavities; hot runner suppliers were therefore scrambling to come up with a better hot runner solution. Fueled by industry awareness that inside corner shear effects cause different melt viscosity in cold runner systems and are direct contributors to in-balance fill has resulted in the conclusion that the hot runner is the root cause of all the balancing issues associated with cavity fill. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Although this phenomenon does exist in cold runner tooling and to some degree in hot runners, it is grossly over exaggerated and is only one of many factors that affect balance fill.
Infrared Title: Better Heating, Better Cooling, Lower Costs, Less Energy and Better Parts via Infrared 
Presenter: John C. Lafeber, PE, North Coast Industrial Imaging
Synopsis: Plastic is a heat-it-up, cool-it-down business. Generally, we overheat and overcool, which wastes energy and makes less than optimum product. Worse yet, we do not heat or cool consistently or uniformly. If we monitor process temperatures and steer the process toward optimum, we save energy and make the best product. This webinar will take a good look at an IR gun (a.k.a. monopixel camera)as it is the key to understanding all IR cameras. It will also look at how infrared can help all different types of plastic processes, including thermoforming, extrusion and blow molding. There will be an emphasis on injection molding and welding.
Pin Title: Using Reconfigurable Pin Tooling for Plastics & Composites Manufacturing 
Presenter: Daniel F. Walczyk, PhD, PE, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Synopsis: The idea of using a bed-of-pins, similar to the popular 3D Pin Art toy, as a completely reconfigurable discrete tool surface, referred to as a reconfigurable pin tool, to form or mold mechanical components with has been around for nearly 150 years. Walczyk's presentation will begin by defining what a reconfigurable pin tool is and the ideal characteristics for such a tool from a manufacturing perspective.
NX Mold Title: Creativity with NX Mold Wizard
Presenter: Jim Davis, SIEMENS PLM Software
Synopsis: This webinar discusses how to meet tooling industry challenges, such as reducing cost, reducing time and maintaining/improving quality. Learn about NX Mold Wizard with injection molding, blow molding, casting, rubber molds, custom molding and more. PDF | Audio