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Concepts of Silicon Surface Micromachining DVD

Concepts of Silicon Surface Micromachining

Product Type: DVDs

Engineering a Lean Supply Chain DVD

This Engineering a Lean Supply Chain program explores the business practice of supply chain collaboration and explains how companies are "leaning" their supply chain. New competitive pressures have made all manufacturing companies realize they need to be part of a supply chain and focus their business on the part of the process they do best. The constant flow of materials and information within these supply chains can contain a large amount of waste if not managed properly. We will show why collaboration between customers and suppliers is so important and where you can find waste in your supply chain.

Product Type: DVDs

Plastic Blow Molding DVD

Plastic Blow Molding

Product Type: DVDs

Measurement and Gaging DVD

This program begins with an introduction to the core concepts regarding measurement. These concepts include precision, resolution, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility. Standards are addressed featuring sections on gage blocks and surface plates.

Product Type: DVDs

Minimum Quantity Lubrication DVD

This program surveys four very different manufacturers: Ford Motor Company, Amerimax, Advanced Mold, and World Machinery & Saws System Co., that apply only the minimum amount of lubricant needed for each job.

Product Type: DVDs

Brazing and Soldering DVD

Both brazing and soldering are common methods of joining metals, with uses in various industrial applications. This program covers the array of common brazing and soldering methods, including torch brazing, batch furnace brazing, continuous furnace brazing, dip brazing, induction brazing, iron soldering, and wave soldering.

Product Type: DVDs

Re-Engineering the Manufacturing Enterprise DVD

Re-engineering the Manufacturing Enterprise

Product Type: DVDs

Lean Manufacturing in a Small Shop DVD

Lean Manufacturing in a Small Shop takes you inside a corporation to see the processes they took to reduce the time it takes to manufacture new machines.

Product Type: DVDs

Nanotechnology Manufacturing DVD

Nanotechnology Manufacturing

Product Type: DVDs

Composite Materials and Manufacturing DVD

This program explains the basics of composite materials and manufacturing by featuring segments on: composite matrix and reinforcement materials, composite manufacturing processes, and composite fabrication and joining methods. The first segment features the primary types of matrix and reinforcement materials, as well as the various forms in which they are available.

Product Type: DVDs

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